In My Own Way

Love like comparison to summer days

and broken hearts like heavy, hurting chests

make no sense to me.

Love was reading her favorite book and

trying to figure her out in every line.

Love was sending random greeting cards--

"Get well soon" even though she wasn't sick.

Heartbreak was having to set my own alarm

since she wouldn't be getting up before me anymore.

Heartbreak was smiling and lying to the cashier

about why I was returning so many things.

Beating hearts and crying rivers? Spare me.

Love and heartbreak are more about

buying groceries for another person

than they are about poetic sentiment.



Good to see that you're writing again, o wandering one, but some updated contact information would be dandy, since I haven't heard from you via e-mail for so long. :-P

— Samuraiter

Tanaka Clayon

I am very much appreciated sharing your view!

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